Strategic Consulting


Since inception, our firm has worked with leading businesses and prominent entrepreneurs in a variety of industries and lines of work. Our vast experience has bequeathed us with a broad view of the market, qualifying us to provide our clients ahead-of-the-curve solutions. Our team works closely with our clients, gaining a deep comprehension of their brands, unique mindsets and needs, and delivers efficient improvement and development strategies for growth, enhanced performance or entering new avenues and markets.


HDJ Consulting specializes in finding innovative methods that easily streamline workflow processes within our clients’ businesses. We scrutinize a company’s current inner-mechanisms, systems and decision-making procedures, and identifying loopholes and flaws that can be fixed or restructured. Our methods make it substantially easier and quicker for our clients to achieve their business goals, transforming all aspects of their operation into a well-oiled machine.


Whenever we conceive a business strategy for a client or advise them with various solutions and new workflow methods, we always help them implement and execute from start-to-finish. Our advisors are at hand every step of the way, ready to assist and make any adjustments if necessary. We make sure any changes that are made under our consulting are a smashing success.



Investment Advisory


We work with countless investors and businessmen, many of which are high-net worth individuals that have established their position as central players in their respective industries. Our clients come to us with their most complex queries, and our experts guide them accordingly with cutting-edge advice.


With a team of multi-disciplinary investment experts, we conduct ongoing research in a large selection of markets on a global scale. We want you to be fully informed before attempting to make a new investment, enter new sectors of the market or different regions of the world. Gathering excluse insights on new opportunities emerging over all sectors of the market and examining new trends as well as alterations in investment regulations. With an arsenal of up-to-date data, we advise our clients according to their needs, desires and personal affiliation.


Our services include delivering performance reports on any existing or new investments. We monitor your assets to ensure your portfolio is balanced and yielding the expected returns. If we identify any unpredicted activity, we immediately regroup to re-strategize and find methods to mitigate risks by rebalancing and diversifying your portfolio.



Financial Advice


A key step to achieving your business objectives, is reducing expenses and ensuring your financial operation is efficient. At HDJ, we help you align your finances with your overall goals and save time and money by doing so. When working with businesses or private clients, we look for ways to optimize costs, while crisis-proofing their cost structure by keeping a low cost-income ratio.


Our approach to financial planning is to focus on flexibility. We ensure your cost structure has a degree of leniency that allows your business to cut back if there are dips in the market, without sacrificing central proficiencies. Our team works closely with yours, analyzing the entire value chain of your cost structure. They then streamline the structure and customizing it with your business objectives.


Our services span over a large selection of needs, providing you with end-to-end cost management. We offer finance allocation, industry analysis of cost drivers, support and development of a sustainable cost culture, contract management, finance monitoring and more.



IT Development


It is imperative that your IT systems are aligned with your business needs and accelerate your operation rather than complicate it. Our consultants determine the best possible options and solutions that are available for our clients, both technically and economically. It is crucial that the technology you use serves your business, improves workflow and simplifies operations.


Before streamlining your systems, we improve your cyber protection against cyber-attacks and potential threats that could be extremely detrimental to your business and operation.


If, like most businesses, you rely on several different IT systems, we work to improve the interaction between them. System integration is complex yet necessary, but we use state-of-the-art integration architecture that we customized to your operation’s needs.